Every Month CSOS members are encouraged to bring in their latest growing achievements for judging & possible ribbon awards !  Make sure you fill out an exhibit form for your plant.  It must be completed in full & printed so it can be read easily. All information must be completed in full for judging consideration! 

Make sure:                      

1. Print the full name of the orchid & your full name                      

2. The orchid must be entered in the correct category                      

3. You must have owned the orchid 6 months                      

4. Display your orchid in an attractive container                      

5. **Make sure your orchid is free of pests & disease

**Note on Culture Awards: This award is a reflection on the outstanding cultural practices of the grower!  An eligible plant is one that stands out as grown to its fullest potential, in robust health, displaying an unusually high number of blooms. Cultural merit is not necessarily related to size; it is related to quality. This award is not necessarily given out each month.

Our UFO table (Unidentified Flowering Orchid) will be be eligible for a ribbon award in the UFO category.

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