Bring your blooming orchid plants to the CSOS meetings to be judged, and you may win one or more awards. Judging rules are very simple:

  • Orchid plants must be on the judging tables by 7:15 PM.

  • You must have had your orchid plant for a minimum of 6 months.

  • Plants should be staked in an attractive container to maximize the blooms.

  • Each entry must be identified with Category, Complete Orchid Name and the Owner's Name.

Place your orchids in a judging category on the table. Fill out an Orchid ID form. For help choosing a category, ask a Judging Committee member.

Judges compare your orchid with all others of the same category. They consider color, size, shape and substance (thickness), as well as the way flowers are growing on the stem.

One blue ribbon will be awarded as first place in each category. Pink ribbons may be awarded to other orchids in the same category. A single yellow ribbon, the Cultural Merit Award, may be given to an exceptional orchid rated the 'Best in Show'.

Please - no plants with pests!
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